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Congratulations Ophelie!

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Alexander or Kolton


In our biggest audition yet the boys bring it home. Colin Petierre joins Devyn and JJ and he’s blown away. So many styles, so many kids. Even the Moms and Dads get into the action. So hard to choose!



Dance is huge on the East coast and JJ pushes the dancers with a challenging choreography set. JJ, Alyssa and Devyn can’t believe how many incredible dancers turn up but one in particular stole everyone’s heart.

Kelsey or Kaitlyn


Too Good! Backstage Studio Pass takes it out west to Josh Bogert’s home town. JJ pushes Devyn and Josh to make up their minds but there are too many great dancers in Vancouver to narrow it down to just one.



WATCH the Montreal audition with some of the best breakin’ moves Backstage has ever seen. The Backstage Studio Pass tour rolled into La Belle Province and JJ, Alyssa and Thomas were blown away by the talent they found. Dance by JJ Moore and Natalie Smith.


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